In order to achieve the above objectives, the Agency may engage itself in activities as are exemplified hereunder.

Liaise with other agencies in the country or abroad in the fields of Non-conventional Energy, Energy Conservation, and Rural Technology.

Co-operate and affiliate, if necessary with institutions, associations or bodies in India or abroad;

Establish and to maintain technical libraries and / or information centers, and to collect and collate information regarding alternative sources of energy, energy conservation and rural technologies.

Develop and support centers of documentation, publication service, maintenance and supply of data including patent literature, current status reports etc in the area of energy sources, energy management, and rural Technology.

Act as Nodal Agency for externally sponsored projects on Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology.

Take special steps including that of conducting training courses to develop a group of Scientists and technologies working in the field of energy sources and rural technologies and to identify and encourage research and development in the related areas, as also to institute and award fellowships, prizes, and medals and to issue certificates;

Establish and maintain workshop and manufacturing units to further the objects of the Agency.