ANERT in association with MNRE had conducted a detailed study of the wind potential of Kerala and this is estimated to be about 605 MW.  Even though Kerala is blessed with such a high wind potential, the State could not harness it fully for its effective utillisation.

ANERT had prepared a Detailed Project Report for establishing a Wind farm of 2 MW capacity, as a demonstration project, at Ramakkalmedu in Idukki district and submitted to MNRE for its approval.

32 MW wind energy generators have been installed in Kerala (Idukki, Palakkad districts) with active private participation. Technical approval has been given for another 35 MW, and it is expected that the installation would be completed soon.

Apart from this, ANERT has installed 137 wind water pumps in various parts of Kerala.

Wind data collection was done for a total 21 sites, of which presently 5 wind monitoring stations are recording wind data.  The remaining stations have been closed or shifted after their useful service life.

Application format, policy guidelines for establishing wind power plants in Kerala
Technical approval for Ahalia Alternate Energy for installation of WEGs (Mar 2015)